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For Those who know me from eBay as gbaman82 & fredthebluray-dog thank you for all your support and buying!
Those who don't know me yet...

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If there's ever ANYTHING wrong with your purchase or want to see something NEW in the shop... Don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm always open for NEW ideas and the shop will FOREVER GROW with new titles!



A+ Person to deal with. Would buy from again!


Super-Fast Shipping And High Quality Products! Thanks! AAAAA+++++


Excellent vendor. Outstanding in all aspects. Highly recommended. A+++++


The Legion Blu ray was FANTASTIC!! A pleasure to deal with this seller. Thanks


Great item, fast delivery and great communication . Seller recommended.


Trustworthy seller who cares! Great communication & pleasure to buy from. Thx!


For the most epic series' in complete collections and in the greatest quality possible turn to no other than Fred The Blu-Ray Dog for all of your entertainment needs.

Mr. Saturday

Something Happened.....

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is "REALLY" defective. There is no cancelling/I don't want it anymore/I need money so I'm returning it. If you receive a defective item, please contact us with details of the product and the defect. YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 1 WEEK. We'll help you fix the problem. There is no, 1-6 months after purchase, contacting us and wanting a replacement for something wrong. We don't care if you accidentally spilled coffee/beer on it, stepped on it and cracked it or misplaced it.


1) I'm using my 13 year old PS3, and that's my only Blu-Ray player, how come my disc plays weird or acts goofy???

STUPID QUESTION, We're not answering that for people anymore!

2) I just saw you posted something new and I really, really want it!!! I don't have/can't afford to spend $25-$35, can I trade in something I bought 3-5 months ago for it? I never got around to watching it yet.


3) Sending in request lists, even though we've asked you not to be doing that. We actually do everything on your request list. You haven't bought 1 thing on your previous 2-3 request lists and keep sending more on a daily basis.

So long, nice knowing ya!

4) I'm X, Y or Z's mother or father and my son or daughter used my credit card without my permission. Gimme my money back.


5) I can't get my 7.1 Surround Sound System to vibrate the room or have it come out of every speaker like a movie theatre. So, I don't want it anymore. I want to send it back for money.

I will roll my eyes and disable your account.

6) Can you edit out the swear words in the show? I don't want to hear vulgar language in my household.

Sorry... Bye, Bye Account!

7) Can you make that $29.99 4-Disc Blu-Ray set at the store into a 1 disc for me?


8) I want that show where all the original tapes were destroyed 30-40 years ago. Nobody in the world has it. Can you make it for me?

You know... Let me get in my time machine and see what I can do!

9) My brother/sister/cousin/dad/etc. is dying and doesn't have much more to live. Can you send some FREE stuff my way since all these hospital bills are so much money?


10) How come this works on my nice 4K player in the living room and when I try playing this in the car on a portable blu-ray player it jumps/skips/won't play right?

REALLY... Use your brain and think about it. Come back to me when you figure it out!

Fred is MISSING/LOOKING for these Funko!!!

Are you a little short on cash? Really want some stuff from our store? Have these laying around collecting dust?

Fred The Beagle would LOVE TO SEND YOU STORE CREDIT in exchange for any 1 of these!

As long as they're in GREAT CONDITION of course.