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Fred The Blu-Ray Dog

$44.99 $59.99

Comes With Case, Label Disc & Case Artwork
Region: 0 (Any Blu-Ray Player Worldwide) 
Number of Discs: 1 
Number of Episodes: COMPLETE SERIES
Menu System: Custom Made By Me
Picture Quality: B+ in 1080P HD (Digitally Remastered) 
Language: English
With the very "LIMITED #" of sources out there. Like completely missing parts of Race to Popland & Master Blaster Brat. Sadly, probably LOST FOREVER. I searched high & low for the best of the best versions for months, After endless hours of tweaking colors...  I give you our childhood favorite from NBC....
I tried my hardest to filter out all the VCR lines I could and provide you with something enjoyable and good to bring back memories, I also included all the known Music Videos that still exist and the clips from television broadcasts.
I admit/agree this is nothing like some of the other pieces of work I put out here in the past. It isn't the greatest thing on Earth, it's not the worst thing out there however... It's pretty damn good in my opinion.
Also... If anybody has a "LOST" perfect quality version...  I would be more than willing to trade for ANYTHING in the store or talk $ if you'd like!

Works perfectly in ANY Blu-Ray player.
Worked on my 4K, Blu-Ray, PS4 & Computer!!!
PLEASE update your firmware and players
to the best possible version. 
I only use the NEWEST of software to make sure
you get the Best of the Best.
** NOTE ** For whatever reason something goes wrong or your disc
doesn't play right...
I would be more than glad to help out or
send you a replacement in it's place.
Yelling and screaming, cursing or threatening me is
NOT going to solve the issue.
A little respect goes a long way.